Poopool is a local 2v2 player game where you each play as a kid in a pool. However, you four aren’t alone in the pool. In it are rubber duckies, pool noodles, and best of all, poop! Splash the water to push the poop on to the other team’s side and fill up their gross bar. Push the toys to your side to lower your gross bar. First team that has their gross bar fill up to the top loses! Requirements: Created for PC with four dual analog controllers

Left Analog Stick – MovementRight
Analog Stick – Rotation
Right Trigger Press – Small Splash
Right Trigger Hold – Big Splash
Left Trigger Press – Speed Boost

Design – Dave Tamayo and Vitaly Starush
Art – Eric Kim and Vitaly Starush
Code – Dave Tamayo, Neil Hansen, and Jack Wiebe
Audio – Jake Butineau

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