In Mino-hoard the roles are reversed! You play as the minotaur boss of a dungeon warding off any foolish heroes looking to gain some valor or test their strength. As you defeat each hero, you choose to increase your attack, health, or speed. This way, you have the option to try many different stat builds…

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Microwave Loven

Made for Global Game Jam 2017, Microwave Loven pits two microwaves against each other in a battle to feed their cats. Design – Rebecca Mitchell, Ian Bestvater-Norton Code – Rebecca Mitchell Art – Ian Bestvater-Norton Music – Jake Butineau GGJ Page

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Hue Pursuit

Tron Light Bikes + Wavelengths of Light. You and another player are protons that leave behind a trail of light that changes colour based on your speed. You and your opponents trails will destroy you if you collide with it, unless you share the same colour as it. Design – Sean Browning and Vikramaditya Kavuru…

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Poopool is a local 2v2 player game where you each play as a kid in a pool. However, you four aren’t alone in the pool. In it are rubber duckies, pool noodles, and best of all, poop! Splash the water to push the poop on to the other team’s side and fill up their gross…

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