Super Mad Sponge is a 2D platform adventure game about a Sponge that paints the world with Super powered emotion. The character Spunji must deal with his life falling apart by using Mad Red, Sad Blue and Glad Yellow paints. Each paint gives Spunji a unique ability. Mad Red gives Spunji Super Mad power slam! Sad Blue gives Spunji Super Freezing abilities, and Glad Yellow allows Spunji to Super Float to the clouds! Play as Spunji and overcome the obstacles of life in Super Mad Sponge!

Designers – Chris Blouin, Emre Can Olmez
Producer – Vikramaditya Kavuru
Programmers– Adrian Miasik, Jeremy Tremblay, Benjamin Stevenson, Frank Liang
Artists – David Kolodko, Sarah Thibault, Tracy Kim