Grandma and Grandpa took their grandchildren on the most competitive camping trip yet! Paddle Baddle is an over-the-top, cooperative, mini-game-stravaganza– on a lake! Players paddle together to collect lilies and tip the other team. This lake is a treasure trove of pickups and obstacles for the player to work with or avoid.  Strategy and teamwork are musts on this wacky and unpredictable lake – The top scouts come out the victor!

Creative Director – Rebecca Mitchell
Lead Designer – Rebecca Mitchell
Game Designer – Ian Norton
Producer – Ian Norton

Concept Artist – Shyamli Verma
Character Modeller Intern – Alexander Jennings
Environment Modeller Intern – Joshua Garcia
Environment Modeller Intern – Patrick Chong
Character Rigger Intern- Mathias Villalobos
Animation Intern – Eric Kim
Texture Artist Intern – Rush Roque

Lead Programming Intern – Jacob Thrasher
Gameplay Programming Intern – Daniel Yeomans
UI Programming Intern – Adam Van Dyke
Feedback Programming Intern – Noah Kirsh


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