May failed Introduction to Anthropology, Psychology, and Advanced Placement Writer’s Craft in grade 12.  She did very well in painting, AP biology, AP chemistry, and was an award-winning Soprano too – but none of them held her interest quite long enough. So when May got into the University of Toronto, she decided only to take courses she failed. She thought it was a good idea to major in Anthropology or Art History until she realised it was a form of world building that involved potentially digging up coprolites forever. May graduated with an honours Bachelor of Arts in 2011 with double Majors: Psychology, English Literature, and a Minor: Anthropology. In 2013 she went back to school to write an undergraduate thesis regarding Autism spectrum disorder narrative structure perception and creation as experienced in Pokemon. She also took non-credit classes in sequential arts and made some Renaissance Italian poetry into a tragicomedy manga. May then upgraded the Major to an English Specialist while working on a few indie video games from 2014-2016. May worked editing dialogue strings, QA testing, writing dialogue strings, and learned some coding in Python along the way. She proudly ran the Video Game Society Squared Club and managed Child’s Play Charity events from 2009-2014. She enjoys reading about Vikings, Sagas, Comics, Manga (Japanese), Manhua(Chinese), Manhwa(Korean), and obscure poetry in her spare time. (Actually, she’ll read most things.) She also knits, embroidery, and sewing Cosplays because it irritates her grandparents (tailor and embroiderer). At the Canadian Video Game Awards, she emphasised this to developers “I’m Canadian, my relatives did the railway and paid head tax” as she interviewed them for, shortly after completing those articles the server died and got rehauled. When life got harder, she played and replayed Final Fantasy X, Katamari Damacy, Journey, Dance Dance Revolution, and Monster Hunter. She  believes in video games therapeutic value as new technological mediums. She follows her grand mother’s advice “Be Human, Be Bitter Melon- which tastes of Golden when you have done Good. Until then Be Bitter Melon.”  May will try to make games to help people and make them less bitter. May hopes George Brown’s Post Graduate program will aid her in her life long passion of learning and utilizing Video Games for therapeutic possibilities.